Welcome to the Restaurant & Lounge Bar   Tivat

The Restaurant Lounge Bar Prova is located in the very centre of Tivat, on the Ivo Vizin promenade, along the seashore. It is owned by the hotel company “Primorje” and is the only five-star restaurant in the municipality of Tivat.

Its unique location and architecture has made the Restaurant Lounge Bar Prova a new symbol of Tivat. The bow of a ship (prova) and the promenade named after the famous seafarer, Ivo Vizin, will take you on a unique gastronomic journey.

Enjoying your stay on the restaurant’s upper terrace, you will get the impression that you are on the deck of a ship, surrounded by the sea, looking at the yachts, ships and barges. A visit to the lower floor of the restaurant resembles a trip below the ship’s deck, surrounded by the vast sea and almost being able to touch the cuttlefish, octopuses and squid through the glass. That is exactly what a chandelier, made by the well-known Italian artist Raffaelle Bandera, looks like. On the terrace next to the seashore, the Lounge Bar offers both cocktails and coffee specialities in the sort of completely relaxed atmosphere that only a small coastal location can offer.

Prova cherishes fine Mediterranean cuisine, with national specialties combined with modern flavours and new tastes. When you mix these tastes with the sounds of jazz, soul, evergreen, canzone and ballads during the weekend, you will sail into a new world.

by AMC Communications